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  • Why I got involved in reverse mortgages. How the aging of my parents got me involved in this business. You may not be my parents, but you are somebody's parents and deserve to be treated right

  • here are the basics of how a reverse mortgage works. What everyone needs to know about a reverse mortgage!

  • a source for the most up to date infomation on reverse mortgages

  • How do your numbers work? Before you sign up for a reverse mortgage you need to know what your budget is and how a reverse mortgage can help

  • - How much reverse mortgage can you qualify for - Run your numbers here!

  • Things you should know before you take a reverse mortgage

  • How to contact me for more information

  • Should you choose a fixed rate or an adjustable reverse mortgage. View this viedo to explore which is best for you?

  • Getting started with a reverse mortgage is not a spur of the moment decision. Here is what you need to know becore you apply for a reverse mortgage.

  • www.makingsenseofreversemortga In this video we explore the two major reasons that reverse mortgages are one of the costliest loans around - are they worth it?

  • A listing of some other sites we like!

  • How do we treat your data and private inforamtion

  • Is a reverse mortgage appropriate for you. Explore the questions to see if a reverse mortgage will meet your financial needs and be a long term solution for you

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  • introduction to reverse mortgages.

  • What are the downsides to a reverse mortgage. These videos explore the some decisions that are needed before you start.


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