How do we get started?

In order to process your application quickly and efficiently, there are several items that we will need. First, counseling is the most important; we cannot start the application process without it.  You can find a list of counselors by zip code or telephone on the HUD website, or by using Alliance Credit Counseling's  locator


To prepare for the counseling, we suggest to take a few minutes and complete the budget worksheet.  This will enable you to discuss your financial situation (as required) with your counselor.  Then  once your counseling is complete we will need  legible copies of the following documents;


  • A social security card or award letter for each borrower
    (alternatives may be acceptable in some circumstances
  • An unexpired picture ID such as a drivers license, state issued identification card or passport
  • A copy of your property tax bill
  • Your insurance policy for your home
  • A copy of your personal trust (if applicable)
  • A copy of your mortgage statement (if applicable)
  • A copy of any power of attorney forms that will be used


Additional information could be required depending on your particular situation.


Please email if you have questions or have problems providing the requested information.  Each situation is different and alternative documentation may work or exceptions may be able to be granted though it will increase the time necessary to complete the transaction.


Please contact us when you are ready to proceed



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